Fun And Productive Things To Do When Your Hanging Out With Friends

When you hang out with your girlfriends you always want to have a good time but you also tend to feel like you did not really do anything to show for with your day. So here are ways to enjoy yourself and also get something small done by the end of the day that you will be happy with.


Art is a great way to express yourself and also enjoy yourself. It is something anyone can do whether they are good or they think they are bad at it, it is still so therapeutic and in the end you will have an interesting piece to hang on the wall. But if you do not want to go through the trouble of sitting down and spending an hour painting then here is something else you can try. Cover the ground in newspapers and then lay a canvas or two on it after that get all the colours of paint you have and with a paint brush you and your friends can splash the canvas, this is such a fun thing to do when you’re spending the day with friends and you get a painting out of it too!


If you have a large enough gathering of friends, you can divide yourself into teams of two or three and hold a cake or cookie baking competition. Or if there are only three of you then you can bake one ginormous cake which you can then have fun decorating. But if you’re not into baking then you can even buy pre-baked butter cakes at a bakery and each of you can decorate it as much as you like after which you can take it back home to your family.


Take an hour or two of your time and give back to the community because I can assure you that it is the best feeling in the world! It might be challenging at times but this makes it a great way to bond with your friends all while you make a difference in the world and broaden your knowledge of the world at the same time.


Workouts such as Yoga or even simply stretching will be great for your body. But if you want something livelier and less regimented then try dancing. That always has you laughing but also enables you to burn quite a few calories. If you are looking for yoga in Malvern, just click this link 


No I do not mean any kind of excruciatingly boring class where you might start falling asleep five minutes into the session (if that’s what you are thinking). I meant classes like art, pottery, dance or even yoga classes Carnegie from which you could greatly benefit by having a teacher instruct you while you enjoy yourself with your friends.

Try any of these things and I can guarantee you that your day will be both fun and productive as well.